If you have a website and you’re not satisfied with it, the assessment is where we might want to start. This process is similar to a business audit, but from a user-centric point of view. At the end of the process we will have a full action plan – site architecture, functionality, messages, and a lot more. Follows is an example of a typical assessment process:

Needs Questionnaire, Documents Review, and Comparative Analysis

We will review and analyze the following documents and websites to identify organizational and audience needs and potential visitor engagement strategies for the new website:

  • A questionnaire completed by identified staff;
  • Existing documentation, strategic objectives and plans, and audiences;
  • Web usage data, content, and structure of the existing website; and
  • Competitive/comparative websites with similar objectives and/or target audiences ;

Brainstorming Session

Vizualle will conduct a session with staff and select stakeholders to prioritize ideas for the website architecture, navigation, database integration, interactive functionality, and content management workflow needs and options.

Definition and Action Plan

Vizualle will combine the analysis of the documents and websites and ideas generated from the surveys and brainstorming session to develop a Website Definition and Action Plan for implementing the new website. This plan will document:

  • Vision and objectives;
  • Target audiences and their needs;
  • Key performance indicators;
  • Content type data definitions;
  • Contact/User profile definitions;
  • Visitor engagement strategy;
  • Architecture and navigation;
  • Functional and content management requirements; and

Your team will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the Website Definition and Action Plan. Vizualle will then produce a final plan which will guide the design and implementation phases of the new website.