We will work with staff to implement the new website according to the approved Website Definition and Action Plan.  Our websites are built using an open source content management system (CMS) which has no licensing fees. To implement the website, we will:

  • Create WC3 standards compliant XHTML and CSS web page templates based on the approved interface design.
  • Install and configure content management system on the selected web hosting account.
  • Create content data sets based on website definition.
  • Configure the website navigation and architecture.
  • Integrate design templates with the selected website content management system.
  • Configure website functionality. Requirements for this functionality will be approved as part of the Website Definition and Action Plan.
  • Install Google Analytics for tracking site traffic and measuring key performance indicators in the Website Definition and Action Plan.
  • Implement search engine optimization best practices such as an XML sitemap, Google search engine registration, SEO friendly URL structure, use of css based heading tags, metatags, alternative text for images, and semantic link text.
  • Your staff is responsible for writing and posting all content to the website that is not included in the content migration plan.