If you’re part of a company or organization, you need a logo. It’s the smallest item that has the most impact when it comes to the messages it conveys. Logo is also the most basic item in the branding cycle, together with your tagline, messages, goals, marketing materials, and more.

Logo, as small as it is, need to answer certain criterias – is it memorable? is it easily applicable to the various applications you use? Also don’t forget it needs to be simple, yet distinctive, and provide some sense of the nature of your organization or company.

Working with a design team on your logo can be very creative and an important learning experience. During the process you will learn things about your organization that will be a great resource for many other things later on. Some of the questions you will need to consider are – do you know your audience and the key reason they come to you? What are the messages you like to convey when someone is considering working with your organization? Don’t forget perception either – how does your organization being percieved? Does the logo help communicating the organization’s culture and ‘personality’?

Once you have a great logo designed, you’re on your way to start creating your brand and look like a professional organization.