We have worked with Ziv/Vizualle twice, once on a paper invitation to our annual dinner and once on an e-newsletter which we now send 5-6 times a year to about 5,000 alumni of our programs. In both instances Ziv was creative, responsive to our needs, met or beat deadlines, and was very easy to work with. Ziv went out of his way to understand our graphic needs–and we’re no experts in describing exactly what we want!–and in both cases gave us back a design that captured the essence of what we were looking for. I highly recommend Ziv Gil and Vizualle.

Craig Sumberg
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
PANIM: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values


In the past 4 years I have worked with Ziv and Vizualle on 2 different company websites. Each website was unique in that it required a different set of parameters and each needed appeal to different markets. Additionally, the first website was for a start up company were a brand and corporate identity needed to be developed, while the latter was for a company that has been operating for 10+ years, but needed a new image without losing the brand that had already been developed.

Vizualle, and particularly Ziv, were the key factor in determining the success of both these projects. The upfront time Vizualle commits to learn your business needs (i.e. what it is that you want your website to do for you) is THE critical element that delivers a perfect finished product. From, the look and feel, to the interaction; from the colors to the graphics; Vizualle captured the image that we wanted in each instance. Most importantly, not only were we pleased with the design and implementation, it was delivered on time and under budget.

A true testimonial is when one is so confident in another’s work, they recommend their services to other friends and colleagues. Because of their exemplary work, Vizualle has earned several recommendations from me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Jason M.
Merger & Acquisition Services, Inc.

It can be difficult to articulate what it is you want to offer those viewing your website. Even if you know “what,” the “how” can be equally daunting. Vizualle is that perfect balance of and creativity and process that helped Lighthouse Consulting to effectively and efficiently focus the “what” and determine and deliver the “how” for its website. Ziv’s process first brought me greater clarity as to what Lighthouse wanted/needed to do with its website and why. Next, he clearly laid out a path – verbally and visually – for what I could expect as the website took shape. Finally, he delivered over and above my expectations and the resulting site has more value for Lighthouse than I had imagined it could. Vizualle gave me knowledgeable insights, exceptionally creative ideas, and professional service from concept to completed site. Vizualle is more than design, more than technology, more than applicable business insight, and more than a cost-effective solution, because Vizualle is all of these things at once.”

Larry Robertson
Principal & Founder
Lighthouse Consulting

When designing our company website, Vizualle was able to take our ideas and develop a concrete design that fits the personality of our business. I was impressed to see how well they picked up on the colors, theme and general atmosphere that we wanted to convey to our customers. The design is colorful & unique and has even helped us build upon & solidify our own identity.