All projects will follow the three steps rule: plan, design, produce. Here is a sample process for a web-based project, that would apply for most other projects as well:

Pre-Production/Strategy Development

In order to develop a site that effectively addresses your needs, our first step is to learn more about your organization and how it works, your audiences, and your goals. Thorough legwork at this stage will ensure the graphic and technical design stages move along as smoothly as possible. Our strategy phase includes the following:

  • The Client Survey. Prior to our project kick-off meeting, we will ask you to have key management in your organization complete a questionnaire about your audiences, key messages, goals and initiatives, marketing and communications activities, website opinions and requirements, and success criteria. We are looking for input from those who are responsible for setting the organization’s strategy and goals, communications activities and development program. We will ask you to forward the completed surveys to us at least three days prior to our kick-off meeting.
  • The Kick-off Meeting. At the kick-off meeting our team will meet with yours, ideally including those who completed the questionnaire. Our discussion will review, clarify and expand on the responses and clarify goals and expectations. We will also collect relevant marketing and communications materials. At this point, it is important for us to establish some level of agreement among the participants about these issues so that we can avoid potential changes in direction later.
  • Developing the Project Brief. This document will become our “bible.” It will detail the project objectives, success criteria, the site architecture (or site map), functional and technical specifications, content development, marketing initiatives, testing and more. This document is critical because it will serve as our roadmap for the rest of the site design and development process.

Graphic Design

Once you have signed off on our Project Brief, we move to the design process, which includes the following steps:

  • Developing the Creative Brief. This document will establish the overall look and feel, design goals and conceptual direction of the site.
  • Producing graphic design mockups.
  • Refining design


After you have approved and signed off on the final design mockups, we move to the production stage.

The site will be constructed using industry-standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Our creative director and technical lead will build the site, integrating the graphic design with the Content Management System. You will be allotted time to review and comment on the site to ensure it is consistent with the specifications developed.

Note: This is also the stage at which content should be developed. The client will be responsible for writing content and obtaining necessary graphics that are not part of the page templates. We will include these steps in our schedule for your reference. If requested, Vizualle LLC will be happy to provide a separate cost estimate to provide content development assistance.

Quality Assurance

Once the integration is complete, the site will go through rigorous quality assurance testing.

Launch and Beyond

Acceptance Testing

After the Production stage has been completed, Vizualle LLC will deliver the client a ‘Beta’ site for review, testing and comment. We will be available for the timely correction of any problems during this phase.


Vizualle LLC will conduct one training session to teach your staff members how to use the Content Management System. Additional training will be available at our current hourly rates.

Content Seeding

Now it’s time for your staff member to enter content into the site while the site is hosted in a temporary holding area. Once the content has been completely entered into the system, the site will be ready for launch. If you need assistance with this step we will be available to help at our current hourly rates.

Site Launch

At an agreed upon date, Vizualle LLC will work with client’s staff to transfer the URL address to point to the new site, and the site will go live.

For 30 days after launch, we will correct any technical problems associated with the site at no additional charge.

Future Enhancements

Our team will be available to work with you on a continuing contract basis to conduct evaluations, develop and integrate new modules and functionality, or provide other web services as needed.